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How to Increase Your Sales Conversions by 252%

Ever feel as if you’re doing ALL the stuff the experts tell you to do online, but it’s not translating into sales and more cash?

You’re posting on Instagram daily. You’re doing Facebook ads. You’re blogging weekly. Sending out newsletters. Maybe you’ve even launched a podcast or an eBook.

So you start wondering… is there even ANY point in doing in the first place?

This is a trap I sadly see far too many entrepreneurs fall into.

They get so concerned with building audience and sharing content – what we call top of the funnel activity.

And forget that there’ are so many crucial steps to get right in between generating a like and generating a sale or acquiring a new customer.

For the majority of businesses, building an audience will be largely redundant if you’re not back-ending this activity with a marketing and sales funnel that elegantly moves your customers from watching that video you posted last week, to actually buying from you.

This is why having a structured sales process is so crucial to the growth of your business.

In fact, implementing a more structured approach to sales has helped one of our Entourage members, James Banks, increase the conversion rate from lead to customer at his Digital Marketing Agency by 255%.

As a result his turnover has also grown from $70,000 annually to $600,000 and he has built his team from 2 to 8.

Just as excitingly he has reduced his sales cycle down from three weeks to just 72 hours.

I dive into how he did this specifically in my most recent podcast episode. You can listen to the full episode here.

About Jack Delosa

Jack Delosa is an entrepreneur and investor who is changing education. He is the founder and CEO of Australia’s largest education institution for entrepreneurs, The Entourage. He is also an investor in growth companies such as Q-Biotics and eMerchants (ASX:EML), and founded The Entourage Growth Fund, which invests in upstart businesses. He is one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, having been listed in the BRW Young Rich List since 2014.

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