The Entourage Membership


The hardest part of building a business is not coming up with the big dream or the big idea.  

The hardest part of building a business is continuing to grow and move past the daily challenges that get in your way throughout the journey.  

You've come this far on your journey, but what's going to get you to the next level? Despite what most business owners think, the answer is not working harder.

Growing your business is a skill-set you can learn and we can teach it to you.  

The Entourage Membership ensures your business reaches the scale you know it can and gives you the training and support you need to build a life and business you love.

But before you sign up, just know that this is more than just education. It's a community and a movement with a purpose - to empower and change lives.

You haven’t chosen an easy path in life. Why make it harder for yourself by walking it alone?  

Over 3500 Founders across 100+ industries have done it, and so can you!  

Julie Stevanja Founder of Stylerunner

Julie’s online sportswear store grew by 1736% and amassed a following of almost 400K instagram followers in only 3 years!  

Peter Moriarty Founder of itGenius

Peter’s IT services business achieved a 200% increase in revenue and a 300% increase in client base!  

Sheryl Thai Founder of Cupcake Central  

Grew from 4 staff to 19 staff and $2 million in revenue in only 12 months with The Entourage Membership program.  

Jane Lu Founder of Showpo

Jane turned her love of fashion into an online retail business. She grew Showpo’s monthly turnover from $40,000 to $250,000.  

Billy Cooper Founder of Caprius Liquid Distributions

Billy’s liquor distribution business went from 30% market share to over 80% market share since joining The Entourage Membership.

Aleisha McCall Founder of Ultimate Edge Communications  

Aleisha doubled her business in 5 months and has hit over $5 million in revenue in only her second year in business!


Disrupting Traditional Education

The Entourage membership is the brainchild of Founder, Jack Delosa. He’s a spokesperson for entrepreneurship and education and has been featured on TedX, Today Tonight, Sunrise, The Morning Show, Sky Business, as well as Channel 7, 9 and 10 News.  

The Entourage Membership was created to challenge traditional education which Jack believes is fundamentally broken. Until now, business owners simply didn’t have a proven program with all the trainng and tools that they need to grow their businesses and build truly empowered lives.  

As a member you not only get to learn from Jack, but also dozens of other experts within all areas of business.  


Think of it like your own personal gym membership for your business with unlimited personal training.  

Just as you would exercise to improve your health and wellbeing, your Entourage Membership gives you access to the strategies, support, and accountability required to grow your business to it's peak performance.  

Your unrestricted access to each of the below elements of the program allows you to tailor your growth path to address the current growth challenges you’re facing and prepare you to navigate future opportunities before you reach them.  

Best of all, what we cover is constantly evolving based on what the community needs and wants.  


Multiple Live Workshops Every Month  

Our calendar of deep-dive workshops is packed with practical content designed to give you the knowledge and direction needed to drive your business forward.  

Delivered by successful entrepreneurs and experienced business leaders with a focus on implementing what you learn on the day, it’s the perfect opportunity to step out of the day-to-day hustle and work on growing your business.  

Register and attend every workshop or just the ones you need the most.  


Monthly Roundtable Expert Days  

Imagine having a personal entourage of business specialists in one room every month that you can access for tailored advice.  

Running for a full day, you choose which table and expert sessions you want to attend that will give you the biggest impact.  

A single expert would typically charge you over $1,200 for one day of advice, and you get access to an entire team of them - every month, included as a part of the Entourage Membership.  


On-Demand Online Training Portal  

You’re busy, we know that. That means that sometimes you have to dedicate to improving yourself in the ‘off season’, but it doesn’t mean you have to miss a single thing.  

The self-serve education portal is accessible 24/7 and houses all of the pre-recorded instructional videos, workshop recordings, guest interviews, templates and guides you’ll need to build a great business.  

Get access to EVERYTHING when you join and grow at your own pace.  


Community of Inspiring and Like-Minded Members 

A big part of the success you achieve (or don’t) in life can be directly attributed to the calibre of the company you choose to keep.  

Connect with an exclusive group of business owners and high achievers who will lift you up as you build your business and pursue your dreams. 

As a member, you’ll get access to the private online community, monthly member only events, invitations to private holiday retreats and get special VIP offers for our public conferences.  



Abbey’s food delivery business increased it’s profits by 700%


Anthony’s finance company doubled revenues in 2 months


Jacky’s occupational therapy business increased revenue and profit by 400%


Joyce’s music academy grew from 3 staff to 30 and her revenues increased by over 300%



To find out, fill in your details bellow!

Entrance to the Entourage Membership Program is by-request. It's a program for business owners who are actively in-market, making at-least 6-figures and are genuinely looking to grow. We guarantee that this program will challenge your beliefs about business, help you shatter your plateaus and be a catalyst for massive change and growth. 

But we can’t guarantee that this program is suitable for everyone and every business. You will learn at your own pace and be responsible for your own success. If you believe that you and your business are truly ready for change, then register today, we’d love to have you join the movement.

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