Why study a business diploma?

A business diploma is designed to give you the fundamentals and a broad understanding of contemporary and established business practices. It can help offer you more opportunities in your career to pursue different positions within an established business.

What is the difference between a business diploma and entrepreneurial courses such as those offered by The Entourage?

While a business diploma can give you the fundamental skills to be effective within an existing business, entrepreneurial courses focus on the specific strategies needed to successfully launch and build your own business.

For example The Entourage offers three entrepreneurial courses that are specifically designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owner who want launch, build and scale their business. Another key difference is that The Entourage courses are run by successful entrepreneurs with ‘been there and done that' experience to give you the step-by-step guidance along with community support.

Do courses from The Entourage cover similar topics to a business diploma?

Yes, The Entourage courses do cover similar topics. However, the content covered in the topics are all related specifically to entrepreneurship and building your own business. The Entourage courses also deep dive into many other topics not covered in a business diploma that are essential to anyone looking to create their own business.

For example, they cover topics such as online marketing strategies, creating content for lead generation, setting up strategic partnerships and how to get free PR for more visibility and credibility.

Are these courses still relevant if I haven't launched a business yet?

Absolutely. The Entourage Launch Program is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to get the practical guidance and support to turn their business idea into reality.

Why are The Entourage courses different to other entrepreneur and business courses?

The Entourage is Australia's largest educator of aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners and has an online community of 300,000+. We deliver tailored business programs designed to help you launch and grow your business and have helped thousands of Australian and NZ business owners successfully grow and build significant value in their businesses. Some of our Alumni have even been listed on the BRW Fast Starter and Deloitte Technology Fast 50 lists.

The Entourage are renowned for their hands on workshops run by experienced entrepreneurs and their world-class business educational portal that you can access to 24/7 to help give you the answers you need, when you need it.

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